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Augmented Reality Applications

Evolving Augmented Reality Applications on iOS, Android & Windows Platforms.

Years of experience in Technical field, Technocratic Inc is authorizing the real marketing, troubleshooting, training, and sales implement apps with Augmented Reality App Development. Adding more elements like GPS tracking, Image Tracking, 3D Object rendering make Applications more interactive and empower teams to be more productive.

Augmented Reality App Development Process

We transform plan into practical Augmented Reality Applications across platforms. We recommend following a process to get the prototype ready within a short time and get feedback quickly. With the experience of building numerous digital products for clouds, apps, unity, various platform, our team has customized our process to convert an Idea into an Application.

What We Do


An extraordinary idea and business requirements

Analyze any existing Application requires AR features

Define technical element

Prototype development

Distinguish platforms such as Unity or the Custom CMS

Select a simplest and essential use case for Prototype

Develop a Prototype



Deploy on Composition

App Store deployment


Requirements of the file to upload

Backlog prioritization

Visual & Technical Design

Design User interface design for each software component

Reformat or change existing 3D objects

Scheme technical Architecture

User Narratives and Test Cases

Create sprints and performance milestones





Release Candidate